Adventures in Camping: Winter Storm Izzy

This isn’t the post I originally had planned for this week; that one has been postponed until the 27th. (A winter storm takes precedence, LOL.) Kenn and I hauled our travel trailer to South Carolina on Thursday, January 13th. This is going to be a longer stay for me but I’ll go into that in another post. We always keep an eye on the weather for our destination when traveling but apparently didn’t pay as much attention as we usually do. It wasn’t until I heard the weather reports on the drive up that I realized that there was a real chance that our destination would receive snow and/or ice.

Since I’m going to be here for a while I had elected not to bring a lot of groceries with me and just do some shopping after we arrived. We made a Walmart run after getting the camper set up and resting for a bit. We were able to find most of the things we needed but several areas (especially dairy and luncheon meat) had been cleaned out. We visited with our family in the area for a bit on Saturday and then hunkered down for the storm. I use a white noise machine and ear plugs when I sleep but some sort of noise still woke me up around 5am on Sunday morning. I could see snow accumulated on the skylight in the bathroom and sleet/freezing rain started shortly afterward. (We eventually realized that the recurring noise was the awning over the slide snapping in the wind.) Once the sun came up, we ventured outside. (As Southerners, we rarely see snow and ice so we have to enjoy it while we can!)

Snow selfie in front of the RV park office
Our campsite fairly early in the storm
Our trucks wondering what in the heck is going on

We wound up with 4-6 inches of snow interspersed with layers of ice. Now, I know you Northerners are probably rolling your eyes at how Southerners panic over a little snow. However, there is a reason for our panic: simply put, we aren’t equipped for winter weather. (I saw one snow plow in this area.) In my home state of Georgia, we don’t have snow plows or road salt. We also don’t have snow tires or chains nor do we know how to drive on snowy/icy roads. The safest thing to do is to send us home until everything melts – after we buy up all of the bread and milk in the area, of course.šŸ˜‚

It looks like we may have another round of snow and ice rolling in next weekend so, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make another run to Walmart!

Until next time take care, stay warm, and happy trails!

8 thoughts on “Adventures in Camping: Winter Storm Izzy

  1. Brrr! So, it looks like you and Kenn survived the weather just fine. How did the Micro Lite do? Any issues? Did you use a lot of propane to keep warm? We have never camped in snow and ice, just some cooler weather where we had to turn the furnace on for a bit. Our Micro Lite is all winterized until April 1. Stay warm, and stay safe!

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    • The Micro Lite did great! The first tank of propane lasted four days. Once I switched over to the new tank, I lowered the temperature on the thermostat and let the electric space heater take over most of the work of the heating. We’ve also been using the heated mattress pad at night to take any remaining chill off.

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      • We like our heated mattress, too. And we use the electric space heater when needed (just a bit during fall camping.) The only issue we had was when we were charging our ebike batteries AND using the space heater – we blew a fuse. So, now we don’t do both at the same time. Safe travels!

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  2. Way too cold for me. I do hope you have one or two electric heaters on hand as well. We always found that they did a great job of keeping us warm. Well, keep warm, put some skirting around the bottom if you can which will really help with keeping the inside warm. Bottom line, stay safe and stay warm.

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  3. Bravo for going camping in a snowstorm and you have such a good attitude about it. I live in Wisconsin and I told my husband that we need to have some sort of tunnel built or structure erected that is heated so we can get from the house to our heated outbuilding without being in the wind/cold. Can you believe he said that wasn’t practical? LOL! Enjoy and good job having fun, love your selfie!

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    • Thanks! During our road trip to the northeastern states we saw several older houses which had been connected to their carport (previously barn) via an enclosed walkway. Those homeowners would support you in your suggestion, LOL.

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