Friday Funnies

My awesome new mug

I have never been an Anglophile or royal watcher. However, I have always loved corgis and appreciated the late Queen’s obvious love for her dogs. I saw this mug in a catalog (one of the many I receive this time of year) and had a complete giggle fit. I was over the moon when Kenn gifted me the mug for my birthday; it makes me smile every time I use it.😊

Friday Funnies

I was saddened to learn of the death of Gallagher, an American comedian, on November, 11th. Why am I starting a Friday Funnies post by talking about a death? Because I have a lot of good memories associated with Gallagher, that’s why. And, as a man who made his living making people laugh, I tend to think that is how he would like to be remembered. Gallagher was at the height of his popularity in the 1980s and was probably best known for his “Sledge-O-Matic” routine which involved him smashing watermelons and a myriad of other items with a sledgehammer. Anyone in the front rows of a Gallagher show was guaranteed to get splattered with something.

Kenn and I were both Gallagher fans which is unusual in that there are very few comedians I like. We even went to a Gallagher show at one of the Atlanta amphitheaters back in his heyday. However, since we were in the nosebleed seats we were in zero danger of getting splattered. (This is also amazing in that Kenn does not like crowds so he’s not a fan of concerts, etc. but he easily agreed to go this show.) However, that changed in 2008. By then, Gallagher’s heyday had passed but he was still touring and had a show at a small historical theater the next town over. Of course we were there with bells on and quickly secured front row seats. I was wearing my rain jacket, thoroughly prepared to get splattered.

Me and Gallagher
Almost time to get messy!

However, it got even better! Gallagher gave all of us with November birthdays the opportunity to get on stage with him during the Sledge-O-Matic portion of the show. Needless to say, I took him up on that offer. Y’all, it was so. much. fun! I had chocolate sauce and other schmutz in my hair (and everywhere else) and would have done it again in a heartbeat. Seriously, this is high on my list of Most Fun Things I’ve Done.

A closeup of the Sledge-O-Matic results
The full body view

It took a while to wash off the debris but it was totally worth it. And it’s not just Gallagher shows; I’m also the one who sits in the splash zone at Sea World while Kenn heads for the farthest seat he can find, LOL.

So, are you a “sit in the splash zone” type or would you be with Kenn, watching from a distance?

Friday Funnies

Guess who? Yep, it’s Bear! A couple of days ago while I was getting ready for work, he kept running up to me and yelling. Of course, like any good cat owner (or cat owned) I kept asking “What? What’s wrong?” When his meows didn’t get through to me he decided it was necessary to put his words into action. I exited the walk-in closet to find Bear on the highest point in the master bedroom – on top of the jewelry box on top of the dresser – with his nose pointing at the bug on the ceiling. To his great dismay, I made him get down without getting the bug for him. He somehow managed to deal with his heartbreak – mainly by stalking the bug from the floor as it journeyed across the ceiling.

On another note, you also get to see the mess on top of my dresser. I repeatedly clean the dresser and tell myself that I’m not going to cover it with stuff again and yet I always do. Oh, well…

Friday Funnies

Yes, Bear is back for another Friday Funnies. What can I say? He likes his time in the spotlight.😹 Bear’s favorite toys are fuzzy balls; he’s kind of obsessed with them. He carries them all over the house, shoves them under doors and furniture just so he can try to get them back. One of the only places he can’t reach is when his toy has gone into the depths of the opening between the fridge and the cabinet. He has us well trained. We’ve learned that when he assumes this position, we need to grab the yardstick and retrieve his lost ball for him. Apparently, we are now supposed to get the ball even when it is within paw’s reach. I guess the saying is true – “Dogs have owners, cats have staff”.

Friday Funnies

We prefer to stop at travel centers such as Love’s, etc. when we are on the road. Naturally, the signs for “Mom approved restrooms” at the Sapp Bros. travel center in Wyoming caught our attention and the reality did not disappoint. Around here, folks make a big deal about Buc-ees; in my opinion, Buc-ees doesn’t hold a candle to Sapp Bros.

Friday Funnies

Designed in Canva

For the first time, Kenn planted a small garden this year. Some things didn’t do very well, but we did get a few bell peppers and the tomatoes are still coming in. However, we’ve learned the hard way that we can’t leave tomatoes sitting on the kitchen counter to finish ripening. Nyx, our black cat, has a weird obsession with them. Any tomato left unguarded will, at the very least, develop teeth marks – if it doesn’t completely disappear.

Earlier this week I showered while Kenn cooked supper. When I came downstairs to set the table, etc. he told me that he’d brought in three tomatoes. He turned his back for a minute and all three were gone. He managed to find two of them (one was in the garbage disposal) but one was still missing in action. I didn’t find the third one until I went downstairs to play video games. The remains of the third tomato were at the base of the stairs.

Our cats definitely keep life interesting, LOL!

Friday Funnies

When Cricket was a kitten we had to hide the toilet paper in all bathrooms because any roll left out would get shredded within an inch of its life. She eventually outgrew that particular obsession, but even now, as a senior kitty, occasionally the old urges return. Here, she is sleeping the sleep of the righteous after destroying the paper that was in the box with my new work boots.