This is a Stickup

You can put your hands down, it’s not that kind of stickup. 😀 Maybe I should say this is a stick “on”. If you’ve spent any time at beaches, campgrounds, or trailheads you’ve encountered vehicles whose rear was covered in decals and bumper stickers espousing the things that are important to the vehicle owner(s) and commemorating the locations they’ve visited. Our Highlander, Bonnie, was well on her way to becoming one of those vehicles. (Now that Bonnie has a home with my daughter-in-law, she is sticker free. Bonnie, that is, not my daughter-in-law. Although, technically my daughter-in-law is also sticker free.)

Kenn is a minimalist when it comes his Tacoma, Paco. Paco has no stickers or bumper stickers. Now that I have Ruby the Big Red Truck, I seem to be the same. So far, Ruby has no decals or bumper stickers and I don’t see this changing any time soon. (She is sporting an N7 license plate on the front in support of Mass Effect, my favorite video game series.) However, the same can’t be said for our travel trailers. We have added stickers for many of the various campgrounds we’ve visited to each of them. One of biggest decisions is where to put the decals. On our Micro Lite the decals are going around the window on the slide. I still have several decals I need to apply. I guess I need to set up a reminder to get out and get it done some morning before the good old Georgia heat and humidity kicks in.

Yay! Captions are working again!

A few years ago I gave Kenn one of the US maps many RVers use to show the states they’ve traveled to. We never got around to putting it on our RPOD which I guess worked out for the best since we would have had to purchase another one for our Micro Lite. However, we need to put it in place before we head out on our road trip this Fall. Of course, that means we have to decide where we’re going to put it which is where we stumble.

Map available from

Do you have the state map? If so, where did you place it?

2 thoughts on “This is a Stickup

  1. We do have a map similar to the one you’ve shown. We put ours on the side of our micro lite – passenger side, towards the rear. Our rule is that we must sleep overnight in the state – and we don’t have to have traveled in our travel trailer there. Otherwise, we’d never be able to put the Hawaii sticker on! 🙂 Some people put the map on the side of their slide out when it is out. We were advised to do this as it would prevent the stickers from coming off. However, this has not been an issue for us. We’ve had it on for 2 1/2 years with no issues – so far. We do not put stickers on our cars. Your “Yay” comment gave me a smile. So glad they are working again, too! Good luck with your decision. I’ll look for it in your future posts. Have a good day!

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    • Hi Betty! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to know your sticker map is holding up so well. We’re planning to limit our sticker map to places we visit with our travel trailer. (We have the same rule; we have to overnight in the state for it to count.) We have a wooden US state map mounted on the wall of our cabin that we’re using to mark the states we’ve visited regardless of the method of travel.

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