Friday Funnies

At twelve years of age, Desmond (Dez for short) holds the rank of Old Man Cat in our clowder. If you look up ‘fraidy cat’ in the dictionary, you’ll probably find Dez’s picture. Even after being with us since he was approximately five weeks old, Dez is yet to be convinced that we don’t have some sort of nefarious plans for him. He has come out of his shell more since our move to The Cabin four years ago that I ever thought he would. I’m always glad when he decides to be personable and seeks attention – even when he forgets to pull in his tongue.

3 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. Well this makes me feel better about Leia. We got her and Luke from a shelter when they were about 3 months old. I shudder to think what must’ve happened to them before they were rescued. I was feeling bad that she’s so skittish – the poor animal. At least she’s not alone in her feline personality/anxiety disorder. 😻

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    • I think feline personality/anxiety disorder is a perfect description! Dez and his sister Molly were the offspring of a feral cat in our old neighborhood; we found them when she was apparently bringing them to our house to show them the food dish. Molly is a perfectly well-adjusted cat while Dez is a total nervous Nellie. FYI: Luke and Leia are great names!

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  2. Lol 😂
    Your cat siblings sound exactly like ours!
    Whoever is in charge of naming the kittens at the animal shelter certainly knows what they are doing. Luke & Leia! How could we resist? And instead of adopting one kitten we got two!!

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