A Cure for the February Blues

February tends to be a rough month for me. In 2010 Kenn and I moved my parents from my childhood home (their home of almost 50 years) to the house right across the street from us. They remained there until my daddy died on February 16, 2016. Daddy had been Mama’s primary caretaker until about 3 months before his death. However, Kenn and I were both still working full-time and in-home care for Mama was prohibitively expensive so she moved to North Carolina to live with my oldest sister and her husband. Daddy’s death was hard enough but Mama’s move immediately afterward felt almost like losing her. We made regular trips to NC to visit but it was obvious that Mama’s health was also failing; she died on February 24, 2017. (My sisters and I would not have been surprised if she had died on the anniversary of Daddy’s death.)

Everyone’s grief journey is different. My experience is that grief lessens over time but it doesn’t completely fade. I also don’t look at the calendar and go “Oh, wow. It’s February. I need to be sad.” Invariably what happens is that I find myself feeling blue and wondering what in the heck is going on and eventually realizing “Oh. It’s February. No wonder my heart is aching.” Kenn is a great support and is always willing to provide hugs as needed. I also turn to Mass Effect, my favorite video game, and spend time saving the galaxy with my virtual friends. (What can I say? Some people have comfort foods or books or movies. I have a comfort video game.)

Mama and Daddy

The picture above is one of my favorites of Mama and Daddy. It was taken at our local Cracker Barrel (their favorite restaurant) in February 2015.

This year, I have something new to ease the February blues. Earlier this month, our oldest son and daughter-in-law welcomed twins. Meeting (and cuddling) these new little ones has definitely brightened my life. I will always miss my parents and the anniversaries of their deaths will always be hard, but having two new lives to celebrate (year round, not just in February) will certainly make things easier going forward.

Until next time, happy trails and… take the time to hug your loved ones and tell them how you feel.

11 thoughts on “A Cure for the February Blues

  1. When I am so sad about the loss of someone, I made a vow to myself to try to take the best of them and make it live on in me. You are right about new babies though. My mom, at 99, doesn’t react to much, but she always has a smile or an “awww” for her great-grandchildren (my niece’s children.)

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  2. I know how you feel about February. I used to be sending birthday cards to various family members this time of year, and now I send none. In January I think to myself “you need to get some cards” then I remember I don’t need to. It’s weirdly sad for such a small thing, but it surprises me every year.

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  3. This was a very sweet and poignant story, Linda Lou. I think many of us can relate. Both Rand’s parents and my mother loved Cracker Barrel for some reason I did not grasp, but this picture of your parents made me smile thinking about them.

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  4. So sorry for your loss. And one I can relate to. The picture of your parents made me think of mine and smile. Dad passed all too young. Mom made it to 92. Still to this day I sometimes go to the phone to call my mom and then remember she is no longer with us. Thanks for sharing.

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