Friday Funnies

That’s a big pile of poop

So, there’s a story behind this picture. I’m sure you’re waiting with bated breath to learn the details.😂 The little wooden deer in the picture is named Dixie. Dixie Deering to be exact. I’ve always loved the wooden deer that make appearances at Christmas so, several years pre-retirement I bought Dixie at our local Home Depot and took her to work. However, she was too cute to put up after the holidays so I kept her in my office year-round and decorated her for various holidays. After retirement I decided that she would become our version of the Roaming Gnome; we’d take her with us on our travels and take pictures of her in various locations. That was a short-lived plan. We did take her on our 2019 road trip but by the time we were able to take another trip in 2021, the thrill was gone and I have now let Dixie go. However, this photo of Dixie with a pile of buffalo poop at Yellowstone is one of my favorites.

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