Cutting the (Keurig) Cord

Recycling is important to me as is reducing my plastic footprint. One of the areas that I’ve had the biggest struggle with is my Keurig. I loved my morning cup of chai latte but I couldn’t continue justifying the continuing daily use of multiple non-recyclable k-cups. So, I did the only thing I could do – I went cold turkey.

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I switched to a powdered chocolate chai latte mix and heated water in the microwave. I didn’t enjoy the mix as much as I did the Cafe Express brand k-cup mix I was using, but that turned out to be a moot point because it irritated my acid reflux which made it a no-go. I also tried a couple of different teas with the same result – my acid reflux wasn’t happy. However, I do enjoy a warm cuppa something in the morning to help me wake up. So, what to do? Well, it turns out that I just went back to having a cup of coffee. Years ago, I started having problems with coffee giving me indigestion so I made the switch to my beloved (and still mourned) chai latte. I used the Keurig for my morning fix while Kenn continued using the coffee maker. As the years have passed, we’ve changed brands of coffee and what we’re using now doesn’t give me indigestion. (Yay!) Now we just have to find a travel-friendly coffee maker to replace the Keurig in the travel trailer.

One thing has helped make the transition easier. I always used a travel mug for my chai latte but now that I’ve gone back to coffee I use a regular coffee mug. This means that I now get to use the mug my youngest son’s girlfriend gave me last Christmas; she knows how much I love John Hancock from the Fallout 4 video game. Now I get to spend every morning with him!🥰

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So, any recommendations for a travel-friendly coffee maker? Or acid reflux-friendly teas, etc.?

4 thoughts on “Cutting the (Keurig) Cord

  1. Good for you! I’m a big fan of tea. I found some good loose leaf teas so I could brew my own chai lattes (hot or cold), but David’s Tea also makes excellent, environmentally friendly tea bags, too.

    And my sister has refillable, reusable metal canisters for her Keurig which I’ve used.

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  2. I don’t drink coffee or tea (rather a glass of diet coke each morning.) However, I did a quick Google search on “recyclable K cups.” I saw San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee sells biodegradable K cups which are available only at Costco. It looked like there were other recyclable options, too. Good for you for being environmentally conscious.

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  3. I gave up coffee cold turkey about a year ago for the same reason—acid reflex and indigestion. I haven’t looked back. My morning acid reflex is gone. Now I drink one cup of green tea in the morning. Love that you are green too. Not the tea but the environment.

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