Friday Funnies

Guess who? Yep, it’s Bear! A couple of days ago while I was getting ready for work, he kept running up to me and yelling. Of course, like any good cat owner (or cat owned) I kept asking “What? What’s wrong?” When his meows didn’t get through to me he decided it was necessary to put his words into action. I exited the walk-in closet to find Bear on the highest point in the master bedroom – on top of the jewelry box on top of the dresser – with his nose pointing at the bug on the ceiling. To his great dismay, I made him get down without getting the bug for him. He somehow managed to deal with his heartbreak – mainly by stalking the bug from the floor as it journeyed across the ceiling.

On another note, you also get to see the mess on top of my dresser. I repeatedly clean the dresser and tell myself that I’m not going to cover it with stuff again and yet I always do. Oh, well…

12 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. At least he didn’t leap up after the bug? I can’t have very cluttered dressers or tables because Boss Cat throws everything off when she’s mad she isn’t being fed. She completely cleared off my desk and table yesterday when I was outside with the the dog too long.

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