Friday Funnies

Commercials frequently make me say “What the fox?” – especially perfume/cologne commercials. However, there are those that make me happy and this is one of them.

Here’s hoping that one of the things that makes me happy can also bring a little happy to you! (Side note: the official video for Call Me Maybe is also good for a few laughs.)

7 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. Ha ha – I’ve had that gum back in the day with a minty juicy squirt inside. Funny, I used to have a regular Friday feature called “Friday Frivolity” – I only stopped doing it when I went to a two-post-a-week schedule, Monday and Wordless Wednesday. I’m behind enough as it is – this time a week behind.

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    • I’m behind on regular posts. My part-time job has been keeping me so busy that when I’m home, I’m too tired to do anything. (Who knew that working at an agricultural center means that all of the things have to be done at once when the weather warms up?🤷‍♀️)

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      • I used to post much more than now, now only twice a week, probably even when I’m retired I’ll stay on that schedule. I’m perpetually behind in Reader. A fellow blogger from here in Michigan has a small farm and her and her husband will soon be starting seeds inside their house then transfer the seedlings to a small greenhouse her husband rigged up. We can’t plant any annuals until after Memorial Day or risk having the frost kill them. She plants a lot of veggies. That sounds rough – we’re awhile until we get to going to the nursery.

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      • I’ve kept my twice a week schedule and three years without missing a Wordless Wednesday, but getting behind in Reader is the norm. I’ve not been caught up since Christmas when people were busy or on blogging breaks. 🙂

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