Friday Funnies

Bear was having a clingy day and climbed up on my chest while I was exercising so, I decided to snap a close-up; it wasn’t until I looked at it later that I noticed the “dent” in his fur where I had petted him. (I tracked him down to make sure that his head was really okay and it’s fine.)

9 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

    • Poor guy’s ears were a mess when we got him. Our son’s neighbor didn’t take care of his house and had had a hole in the roof for years. Apparently, a pregnant feral cat gave birth in the attic and Bear fell down into the wall. Fortunately, the neighbor heard him and tore a hole in the wall to get him out. Our son brought him to us. Amazingly enough for a feral kitten, Bear never had any fear of people and was in good health – except for his ears. Poor guys ears were raw and bloody, even the vet was baffled by what had caused it. We decided that maybe the insulation in the walls had abraded his ears.🤷‍♀️ The tips of his ears always curled back and as they healed, they adhered to the back of his ears giving him the look of an ear tip.

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