Here We Go Again

Y’all know I love cats and that we’re a multi-cat family; a few of our furry kids make regular appearances here. However, y’all don’t know how we became a multiple cat family. It wasn’t by design and we’ve never gone to a shelter/animal rescue to adopt a cat. We haven’t had to; the cats find us. My family “blames” me; they say I have a “cat gene” that attracts cats. While it may not be due to a gene exactly, cats do like me and will frequently seek me out.

Meet Smokey

Kenn and I recently spent a couple of an hours at a nursery researching varieties of Japanese maples. Smokey, the cat shown above, belongs to the nursery owners. According to them, she’s an old lady who is half blind and hard of hearing. However, she could see well enough to spot me across the parking lot and make a beeline to me. She allowed me to pet her before she walked away only to come back for a little more attention. Much to Kenn’s dismay, she wouldn’t have anything to do with him, LOL. She also wouldn’t let me photograph her from the front.

For a while we were members of what we called “The Cat of the Year” club. Every year, usually in June or July, another cat would show up. I rescued a kitten in the church parking lot where it had apparently hitched a ride in the engine of someone’s car. We found another in the middle of a busy road – after straddling him with our car. Fortunately, our CotY membership seemed to expire after a few years. For now, we have an aging clowder with ages ranging from 3-14. Or, that was the age range until last week.

My coworker and I were in the woods getting dirt for a research project when she stopped and said, “Is that a cat?” I listened and yes, it was a cat – a kitten to be exact – and it was yelling for us. We both dropped our shovels and went searching. Not too far from where we were working I saw a small calico face peering out of the brush. It didn’t take too long to coax her to me.

Shortly after the rescue operation

The fact that this baby was friendly in spite of being terrified means one of two things: That section of the agricultural center isn’t far from a road, so she either wandered across the road, got through the fence and got lost or, someone dumped her. Either way, she knows people.

Kenn wasn’t working that day and since we live near the agricultural center, I called and asked him to bring a carrier which he did – all while grumbling about another cat. I assured him that I just wanted to take her to the vet to make sure she was okay and then find a home for her. While my coworker and I were waiting on Kenn to arrive, other coworkers wandered by. At least two said they would have just left her in the woods. Y’all, I am just not wired that way and neither is my co-rescuer. (She has already rescued two other kittens this year.) I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I had left her in the woods.

Kenn and I took her to the vet the next day. She got a clean bill of health and her first kitten shots. The funny thing is, neither of us, not even Mr. Oh-no-not-another-kitten, have even talked about finding her another home. We just added her to our clowder. Yep, Kenn’s as big a sucker for a cat as I am even though he tries to hide it. So, everyone meet Roxie!


Do you have any pets? If so, are any of them rescues?

8 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. She’s beautiful! AND HOW COULD YOU LEAVE A CAT?! I could never. Sometimes I despair of people and then I remember there are folks like you and your cat-rescuing coworker. How are the other cats treating her?

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    • Right? I just can’t wrap my head around that mindset. Roxie’s “assimilation” has gone amazingly smooth. A little over a week in and she’s a regular member of the family. A couple of the cats still hiss at her but she and Bear, the next youngest, are fast becoming buddies.

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  2. Roxie looks very sweet! Our cat (had her 15 years) came from the community college where I worked. They had a vet tech program. They would take cats and dogs the county had picked up, perform the procedures on them, and then put them up for adoption every semester. So, I guess you could say my cat was a rescue, but you could also say she went to college.

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  3. I love Roxie’s colors – beautiful and expressive eyes. No more pets for me Linda after I lost my last one … just too difficult to lose a companion pet as I live alone and have no family. Thus, I adopted the squirrels and birds at the Park and lavish love on them instead.

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  4. I love Roxie–she is very “pictureable” as one of my students used to say. All our animals are rescue–either intentionally from a shelter or having been found and homeless. You are hearing Reggie (real name Louie) in the background now. We hope he is just a foster, but it is looking like we may have part-time custody!

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