Friday Funnies

Nyx, our black cat, is sassy and full of cattitude. I call her our “house panther with kitchen specialization” because she’s fairly aloof unless we’re in the kitchen. The kitchen is her happy place and when we are in there, she is rubbing against our ankles and vocalizing.

I adore my ceramic cow; it was a gift from my oldest sister several years ago. My cow has been been chipped and broken and glued back together. However, the thing that may do it in is the cat. Nyx periodically fixates on my poor little cow and insists on chewing on the tips of its ears. Among the many things I shouldn’t have to say to the cats, “Stop chewing on my cow!” tops the list.🙄

Most of our cats have several nicknames in addition to their real name; Nyx, however, does not. However, after her latest assault on my cow, I have decided her new nickname shall be Salty Heifer.🐄🐈‍⬛