What a Drag

We recently traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to spend a weekend celebrating the marriage of one of Kenn’s nephews. (Congratulations Alex and Mattie!🥳) Little did I know that I would also get to check off one of my lesser known Bucket List items while in Louisville. A couple of weeks before our trip Kenn told me of his plans to treat me to a Drag Brunch at Le Moo. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known such a thing as a Drag Brunch existed if Alex hadn’t sent Kenn pictures from one he attended with Mattie and her coworkers. Kenn does not understand my love of drag queens so the fact that he was not only treating me to a drag brunch but also accompanying me… if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.🥰

So now, ladies and gents, queue up Shania Twain (Let’s go girls!) and enjoy the show!

This name appeals to my love of all things bovine
The theme for our show

Kenn may now have flashbacks whenever he hears Cher.😂

Brunch was yummy! Yes, my plate is the one with the most food.
Let’s do this!

Umi Naughty – my favorite queen

Anya Androvna
Chasity Marie

Champagne (And can we talk about those boots?!)
Umi Naughty (again)

Y’all, I had so much fun! Seriously, the whole thing was an absolute blast. It might pain him to admit it, but I think Kenn had fun too. Even if he still doesn’t understand my love of drag queens, he had fun watching me have fun. (It turned out that he was videoing me during the last part of the show and I’ve caught him watching that video several times. It makes him happy to see me happy.) He even joined me for the post-show photo with the queens.

I think this picture may make it onto our Christmas cards this year.🤔😂

Until next time, happy trails and have fun!