“You’re doing it backwards.”

I am right-handed. No big surprise there since it’s estimated that 90% of the population is right-handed. However, I am somewhat ambidextrous and there are many random things that I do left-handed. I don’t really pay attention to what those things are until something or someone calls my attention to it. The first time I remember this happening was when I began working my first part-time job at a fast food restaurant in my teens. Let’s face it, wrapping a sandwich in a paper wrapper isn’t rocket science. My trainer showed me the correct wrapping procedure and had me emulate him. He then cocked his head at me and furrowed his brow. “Do that again,” he instructed. I did it again. “You’re doing it backwards,” was his determination. Backwards? How could I possibly be wrapping a sandwich backwards? After some experimentation, we realized that I was wrapping them left-handed as opposed to his right-handed method.

Random things I do left-handed:

  • Wrapping sandwiches
  • Dealing cards
  • Counting money
  • Opening screw-top bottles and jars and pop-tab cans
  • Opening doors
  • Weeding
  • Counting weevil larvae

Wait, counting weevil larvae? Yes, dear reader, you read that correctly.

Weevil larvae. Not for the faint of heart.

Since my new part-time job involves working for an entomologist, bugs are always a possibility. Currently, once a week, I hand-count a few thousand weevil larvae. (Exciting, right?) About halfway through the process the mild arthritis in my left shoulder reminds me that counting is something I do left-handed. Kenn would tell me to just switch to counting right-handed, but that wouldn’t work. Trying to count larvae (or anything actually) right-handed would just take longer and result in many dropped weevils. I’ll just be taking ibuprofen on weevil counting days, LOL.

So, are you right or left-handed? Are you ambidextrous?

13 thoughts on ““You’re doing it backwards.”

  1. I’m right-handed. Got a couple lefties in the family, though. The only thing I do oddly with my left hand is throw up a volleyball for an overhand serve (hit with the right hand). Most people toss the ball with the same hand they hit with. It’s left over from taking a few tennis lessons as a kid. The only professional player I ever saw do it the same way was Phil Dalhausser–like me, he took tennis lessons before he played volleyball.

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    • That’s so interesting! When my daddy was teaching me to drive, he insisted I brake with my left foot. That was a no-go for me. If I brake with my left foot, it’s too abrupt and puts everyone’s seat belts to the test. Refusing to brake left-footed was for the best since my husband (then boyfriend) taught me to drive a stick-shift in college and I needed my left foot for the clutch.

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  2. I’m right-handed for 98% of the things I do, but I *mouse* with my left hand. I do it that way because it makes for a more balanced experience, allowing me to use the number pad with my right hand. Each hand has its job. No double-tasking with my right hand.

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    • How interesting! I’ve never thought to try it that way. Of course, my laptop has a touchpad, so I don’t “mouse” any more. I worked with a few right-handed people who configured their mouse for left-handed use. It kind of blew my mind.

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  3. I count weevil larvae with my left hand, too! What a coincidence. 😎 I am fairly ambidextrous, including I can even write fairly well left-handed if I need to. I use whichever hand is closest to what it is I need to do generally, but some things are full-time right hand tasks–like brushing my teeth or using scissors for example. When I was in South Africa, I got quite talented at shifting gears with my left hand as they drive opposite than the US.

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    • I can also write left-handed if I need to but it’s a slow process. I have tried using right-handed scissors with my left hand – it doesn’t work. I might put an eye out if I tried to brush my teeth left-handed.😂 I’ve never thought about the gears actually being on a different side in that situation even though it makes perfect sense.🤯


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