‘Tis the Season. Not.

I. Love. Christmas. It is by far my favorite holiday. While I detest shopping for myself, I love shopping for the perfect gifts/stocking stuffers for my family members. That said, I am not mentally prepared to be bombarded with Christmas decorations as soon as I enter a store. (I’m looking at you, Walmart.) Where’s the Halloween? Where’s the Thanksgiving? *squints* Oh, yeah. They’re wedged into that corner over there. (Insert biggest of eye rolls)

Image courtesy of depositphotos.com

And don’t even get me started on Christmas music. Once again, I love Christmas music. My Christmas CDs come out the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas music in October just makes me angry, LOL. At least I’ve managed to avoid the cinnamon brooms that come out this time of year; they give me a terrible headache.

Even though I’m anti-Christmas-decorations-in-October, there’s a part of me that’s starting to get a little panicky about the fact that I haven’t started shopping for stocking stuffers yet. I’ve even got two new family members to shop for. (Note to self: buy Christmas stockings for the twins.) True, the twins will only be 10.5 months old at Christmas so they won’t care, but it matters to me!

What’s your biggest holiday pet peeve?